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Wedeven Associates, Inc. has produced a video, "Lubrication Mechanisms - An Inside Look". The original version of this video was originally prepared for an international group on aviation lubricants. The number of requests for copies of the video has motivated us to make an edited version avaliable to a broader audience and with an educational emphasis. The video runs about 17 minutes and includes:

  • Dynamic illustrations of elastohydrodynamic film genration and the role of oil properties.
  • A sight-sound demonstration of traction, starvation, surface film formation, wear and scuffing failure.
  • Dynamic illustrations of the remarkable power associated with the synergism between the mechanisms of boundary and elastohydrodynamic lubrication.

The "inside look" includes microscopic views of the dynamic actions within high-speed and highly stressed contacts. The viewer can experience the generation and destruction of oil films with magnificently colored light interference fringes. The video provides a unique instructional tool with an audio and visual insight into the micro-world of lubrication technology.

For a copy of the video "Lubrication Mechanisms - An Inside Look", please mail or fax the form below. The price of $59.95 includes shipping and handling. For further information, please call (610) 356-7161.

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