Next Level Tribology Design

Bearing Analysis

Analyze and Understand your bearing performance and life limiting factors.

Gear Analysis

Push your design to the limit and increase efficiency.

Subscale Test Analysis

Speed up your design process while reducing risk.


WAMscm can analyze any gear, bearing or benchtop test configuration. Work with Wedeven Engineers to identify the key variables of your design or how Wedeven's advanced tribology test machines can simulate your component.

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Our advanced tribology model provides results that highlight component performance limits, verify design criteria and reduce risk while speeding up time-to-production.

Use WAMscm to predict:

▪ Heat Generation

▪ Film and Flash Temperature

▪ Surface and Subsurface Stress

▪ Film Thickness

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Advanced applications require advanced results. WAMscm can utilize real surface topography from your component to acheive more accurate results. Identify failures before they happen by predicting stress and temperature across your entire component to reduce risk and increase up-time.

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